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Ball Field

Location:  Drive-in gated entrance off private     
                 drive on Constellation Drive.  Walk-in
                 entry at Godspeed Ct.

General recreational activities.  Football, soccer
 & lacrosse.  Softball backstop
& benches.
Picnic table and swings.  Parking avalable. 

Requires key for drive in entry.

Questions about ball field usage can be directed
to the Board Sports Representative

(2011 update)

Gate – The gate must be closed and locked by the last Member to leave the field.

Hours – The ball field is available for use between sunrise and sunset.

Use – All users are requested to be courteous to homeowners’ in close proximity to the ball field and respectful of their privacy and property.  The use of the field for all sports activities including baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, snow sledding, snow related activities, etc. is to be at the users’ own risk.  The Davidsonville Athletic Association (DAA) and Little League teams may have a limited use agreement with the HHHHOA&YC.  The use of the ball field under these agreements requires there must be at least one coach or adult from Harbor Hills present during such usage.  Please contact the Sports Representative should further details be desired.

Vehicles and Parking – Please observe a maximum speed not in excess of 5 mph on the ball field driveway.  All vehicles are to enter the area through the Constellation Drive access gate.  Vehicles should be parked along or next to the gravel road at the bottom of the hill.  Vehicles are not to be parked on or beside the driveway leading to the field at any time.

Pets – Pets are permitted year round.  Members are to clean up after their pets.

Maintenance – The grass will be mowed occasionally during the growing season.  Members should contact the Roads and Beautification Representative with any concerns regarding the condition of the ball field.

Clean-up – No trash receptacle is provided at the ball field.  Please take your trash with you when you leave.  Glass containers are not allowed on the ball field.