General Rules

Rules and Regulations have been established by the Board of Directors (Board) of the Harbor Hills Homeowners’ Association and Yacht Club (HHHOA&YC) in conformity with the covenants and with the knowledge of the community in an effort to aid in the effective management of community facilities and inter, as well as intra, community relationships for the benefit of the entire community of Harbor Hills.  It is expected that each resident of the community will become familiar with these provisions, comply with them and aid in their enforcement. 

All community facilities are for the exclusive use of members of the HHHOA&YC in good standing (Member or Members), including those persons residing with any Member or Members and every tenant or lessee of every member and their escorted guests all at their own risk.  All Members and guests are expected to comply with these Rules and Regulations.

In the event non-Members are found to be using any community facilities (particularly the beaches, pavilion, boat ramp, piers, marina, ball field and swimming pool) they should be advised that the area and its facilities are private property and asked to leave.  Should they refuse to depart, or should the Member not wish to confront the trespasser(s), the county police may be called at 911 or 410-222-8610 and the trespasser reported.  The county police have a copy of the community covenants and have publically stated they will enforce community private property rights.

Each user of the facilities, whether Member or guest, agree to hold the Members and Directors of HHHOA&YC harmless from any injuries or losses that occur during the use of the facilities.

Unescorted guests are not permitted to use community facilities.  Community groups may be granted limited use of the facilities for a specific activity on application to the Board and approval by a vote of the majority of the Board.

Members and guests are asked to be respectful of private property and residents adjacent to community property.

In general, a specific Board Member, known as a “Representative”, oversees specific community facilities.  These Representatives and their contact information are listed in The Eagle, the monthly community new bulletin.

A common key is used for access to the ball field and the Constellation Beach facilities (pavilion, kayak racks and boat ramp).  Keys are available from the Board Realtor Representative.  Keys may not be duplicated.  They may not be given to, or be in the possession of, a non-member at any time.

Members should ensure that their vehicles, and those of their guests, are not parked on community or neighbors’ grass or landscaped areas.

[2011 update]