Location: 1 Carson Cove

The Harbor Hills Marina is a 49-slip marina owned by the Harbor Hills Homeowners Association for the benefit of slip leaseholders.

Questions about the Marina can be directed to Board Fleet Captain.

Attention Leaseholders: The Marina Occupancy Permit Application can be found in the Marina Documents page on this website. 

Operating Season. The Marina is open year round.  Water to the pier will be turned on around April 1 each year and turned off around November 1.  Members will be notified of actual dates via a notice on the bulletin board at the entrance to the community.

Operating Hours. Slip holders have 24 hour access and non-slip holders have access from sunrise to sunset.

Use. The marina is for the primary use of slip leaseholders and their escorted guests.

Vehicles/Boat Trailers. When using the Marina’s facilities, all lease holders or sub-lease holders may use the parking area provided at the Marina.  Vehicles parked in this area must display a Harbor Hills sticker.  Guests should use the main parking lot near the Yacht Club.  Vehicles shall not be parked so as to impede access by carts to the marina pier. No boats or boat trailers may be stored or parked at the Yacht Club or Marina parking areas.

Pets. Pets are permitted as long as they are leashed.  The pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet.

Children. Parents shall be held strictly liable for the safety and conduct of their children while in the marina area.  No child under the age of 12 shall be permitted in the marina area, on the docks, piers or slips unless accompanied by and supervised by a parent or adult guardian.

Management. Slip assignments are issued by the Marina Committee, a Committee of the Board.  Operational problems or disturbances at the Marina should be reported to either the Club Manager or the volunteer Fleet Captain who is also a Board Member.

Prohibited/Restricted Activities. No boat is permitted to tie up or use the marina facilities unless a slip occupancy permit has been granted by the Marina Committee.  Swimming, diving or otherwise entering the water from the piers is strictly prohibited.  No barbecuing (or cooking over an open flame of any kind) shall be permitted on the piers and docks of the marina or aboard any boat while moored at the marina.  All such activity shall be confined to the grass bulkhead area away from combustibles and vehicles.  Pumping of heads and/or bilges containing oil or any polluting substance is prohibited in the Marina.  There shall be no storage of supplies, materials, accessories, or debris upon any walkway or dock.  Construction of lockers, chests, cabinet, steps, ramps, or other structures on any walkway or dock is prohibited without the prior permission of the Marina Committee.  No changes or alterations shall be made to the mooring space or slip without permission of the Marina Committee.  No person shall be permitted to live aboard any boat moored in the marina (with the exception of occasional evenings).  Devices of any type for preventing ice buildup within a marina slip shall not be installed by lessees.  No advertising or soliciting or “For Sale” signs are permitted on any boat the marina.

Leaseholders & prospective leaseholders, please refer to the complete “Rules and Regulations Governing Harbor Hills Yacht Club Marina” and the Marina Safety Regulations (included with the slip occupancy permit application) for more details on the above and the subjects listed below. Both of these documents can be found in the Marina Documents on this website.

  • Slip occupancy permit
  • Cancellation, revocation, suspension of slip occupancy permits
  • Slip designation
  • General restrictions
  • Liability
  • Waiting lists
  • Amendments to Rules and Regulations
  • Finality, Appeal from Committee decision
[2011 update]