The Harbor Hills Security program provides oversight and direction of security for the community, its property and facilities. It provides liaison between the community and county police.

Harbor Hills participates in the Anne Arundel Police Strategic Waterfront Educational Enforcement Program (SWEEP), a program established to facilitate police support to communities with waterfront property in order to prevent trespassing and minimize vandalism and other related nuisance crimes.

We are an active member of the Police Community Relations Council (PCRC). PCRC serves as a liaison between the Southern District Police and local communities in order to reduce crime. The council meets monthly with Southern District Police leaders to discuss problems of mutual concern, develop crime fighting programs, and improve the police-community partnership.

Finally, Harbor Hills is a member of the Anne Arundel County Chief of Police Citizen’s Advisory Board, a group representing communities throughout the county, meeting monthly with the Chief of Police and his management team to address county-wide police issues and problem solving initiatives.

For any non-emergency security related issue or concerns, please contact the Board Security Representative.

For any emergency or to report suspicious behavior, please call 911.