Location: 1 Carson Cove

The Harbor Hills community enjoys an Olympic size swimming pool with a and recreational diving area and separate wading pool. There are restrooms and shower facilities on premises. Lifeguards are on duty during pool hours throughout the summer.

Questions about the swimming pool area can be directed to the Board Pool Representative (“Pool Rep”).

2024 Pool Hours

Dates Days Hours Notes
5/24 Friday 5PM–8PM Opening day!
5/25-5/27 Saturday, Sunday & Monday 10AM-8PM  
5/28-5/30 Tuesday–Thursday 5PM–8PM  
5/31 Friday 5PM–9PM  
6/1-6/2 Saturday–Sunday 11:30AM-8PM  
6/3-6/6 Monday-Thursday 5PM-8PM  
6/7 Friday 5PM-9PM  
6/8-6/9 Saturday-Sunday 11:30AM-8PM  
6/10-6/11 Monday-Tuesday 5PM-8PM  
6/12-7/19 Normal Summer Hours (during swim team season)    
  Monday-Thursday 11:30AM-8PM Opens at 10am on 7/4
  Friday 11:30AM–9PM  
  Saturday–Sunday 10AM–8PM Opens at 12 noon on 6/15, 6/29, and 7/13
7/20-9/2 Normal Summer Hours (after swim team season)    
  Monday–Thursday 11AM–8PM  
  Friday 11AM–9PM  
  Saturday–Sunday 10AM–8PM  

Pool Information and Rules

The maintenance and operation of the pool and associated facilities is overseen by the HHHOA Pool Representative ("Pool Rep," a member of the HOA Board), and the onsite  HHYC Clubhouse Manager (Club Manager). Contact information for each is provided in The Harbor Hills Eagle each month.

All persons using the pool or pool area do so at their own risk and sole responsibility. HHHOA does not assume responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

Pool Management/Emergency Information. HHHOA hires a pool management company to ensure that the pool and associated facilities are maintained properly and operated safely. The current contract requires two lifeguards on duty any time the pool is open (three during the Friday night BBQs), one of whom is the Pool Manager. The Pool Manager is the management company’s appointed supervisor and head lifeguard. The Pool Manager has the Board's express authority to enforce pool rules and to direct in any way necessary to ensure the safety of HOA members and guests using the pool.

The Lifeguards perform the following functions: ensure the safe operation of the pool, enforce the pool rules, control access to the pool, verify memberships, require that members and their guests sign in, ensure that the guest policy is observed and advise unqualified swimmers of the requirement to demonstrate swimming competence before being allowed to enter the main pool without an adult. Fraternizing with or distracting lifeguards is prohibited.

All persons using the pool facilities must be courteous and must obey the instructions given by the Pool Manager and Lifeguards. The Pool Manager and Lifeguards have authority to determine when pool activities are posing a safety hazard and to take corrective action.

All injuries occurring on HHYC property must be reported immediately to the Pool Manager/Lifeguards and, when available, to the Club Manager. Identity and contact information of the person injured is to be recorded, as well as any other pertinent detail.

In the event of an emergency, the Pool Manager will immediately contact both the Pool Rep and the Club Manager. Notwithstanding availability all injuries must be reported as soon as possible to either Pool Rep or any other HOA Board Member who may be reached immediately, or Club Manager. If possible, both the Pool Rep and the Club Manager will immediately attend and inspect.

Operating Season. Each year the pool is scheduled to be open from the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend to the end of the Labor Day weekend. The HOA Board may extend the availability of the pool beyond the Labor Day weekend, circumstances permitting. Announcements in this regard will be posted on the website, the bulletin/notice board at the community entrance, and/or The Eagle.

Hours of Operation. Hours of operation will be announced in the May issue of The Eagle and posted at the pool entrance. The pool may be closed at any time due to mechanical breakdown, operational difficulties, or inclement weather. This decision is at the discretion of Pool Manager or the HOA Board.

Unauthorized Entry. Entry into the pool area outside of the operating season, outside of normal hours of operation, or when the pool is otherwise closed is deemed unauthorized entry and is prohibited.

Membership Information. A list of HHHOA Members will be provided by the Pool Rep to the Pool Management Company prior to opening the pool each year.

Guest Policy. Guests must be accompanied by a Member at all times when using the facility.

Access and Identification. Each Member and each escorted guest must sign in with the Lifeguard on duty upon entering the pool area for each visit. This record of usage by Members and escorted guests will be maintained by the Pool Manager and regularly reviewed by the Pool Rep.

Pool Parties. A Pool Party is defined as any set of guests of a HHHOA Member larger than ten (10) swimmers, adults and children combined not including the hosting Member(s). For a group of 10 guest swimmers or fewer, the Member is not required to register a Pool Party.  The total number of swimmers for any Pool Party is limited to a maximum of thirty (30) persons including adults and children.  If adults are attending for the express purpose of supervising their children, they need not be included in the total guest count. Pool Parties are permitted during regular pool operating hours only.  Only one (1) Pool Party is allowed per day.

Pool Parties must be sponsored by a Member of the HOA, resident or non-resident. Persons leasing homes from a HOA Member who currently reside in Harbor Hills, may also host a Pool Party. The sponsoring Member or leaseholder must be present in the pool area during the entire party and this adult must agree to be responsible for the group’s actions and behavior during the Party.  The sponsoring Member must also agree to sole responsibility for set up, break down, and cleanup of the Party.  

To apply for a Pool Party, the sponsoring HOA Member must notify the Pool Rep (HOA Board representative) in writing at least two weeks in advance of the Party and receive a written approval. Payment in the form of a check to Harbor Hills Homeowners Association must be received by the HHHOA Treasurer at least seven (7) days in advance.  This advance payment is a strict rule to allow for time to hire additional lifeguards.  Every Pool Party will require, at a minimum, reimbursement for one (1) additional lifeguard. Parties may require two (2) additional lifeguards if attendance will be:

  • more than twenty (20) swimmers, or
  • more than fifteen (15) swimmers if swimmers are 10 years of age or younger, unsupervised by an adult

Lifeguard fees are levied per hour of the Party’s duration (excluding set up and clean up), the fees to be set and published prior to the pool season each year.   Fees also apply for cancellation less than 48 hours before a Party.  Day-of cancellations must occur four (4) hours or more before the Party for any refund (zero refund if less than 4 hours).  Cancellations with less than 48 hours advance notice will incur a $50 fee.  If 48 hours or more notice is given or if DRD cancels for inclement weather, there is no cancellation fee.

These provisions relative to Pool Parties also apply in the case where an HOA Member desires to use the pool in conjunction with the rental of the Clubhouse. Yacht Clubhouse rental does not necessarily include Pool Party rental and if the two will be conjunct, a Pool Party application must be approved as above. The Pool Party & Lifeguard Reservation Form can be found in the Facilities Forms, elsewhere on this website.

Health. All persons must shower before entering either pool.  Persons having skin disease, open cuts or sores, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge, colds or communicable disease, excessive sunburn, or bandages of any kind are not permitted to enter either pool. Children not toilet trained may not use the main pool but may play in the wading pool when wearing suitable swimming diapers or training pants covered by plastic pants. Diapers not specifically designed for swimming are not permitted. Spitting, spouting or blowing water, blowing noses, or urinating in the pool is strictly prohibited.  Proper swimming attire must be worn in the main pool. Street clothing or cut-offs are not permitted.

Pool Activities/Age Limits. Children 10 years of age and younger must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian regardless of the child’s swimming ability. Non-swimming children must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times even if using water wings or a personal flotation device (PDF).

Children are only allowed to swim in water that is deeper than chest level if the child has passed the swimming test (or is swimming with a parent or guardian). On application by a parent or guardian, the Pool Manager or a Lifeguard will administer the swim test described below:

  • Tread water unassisted for two (2) minutes or float for one (1) minute unassisted and tread water unassisted for one (1) minute, and
  • Swim the width of the pool unassisted without stopping or touching the pool floor.

The time that the test is given is at the discretion of the Lifeguard administering the test.

The following are strictly prohibited in the pools or on the deck areas: 

  • Pushing others into the pool
  • Dunking of non-consenting persons
  • Jumping near or diving over any person at the edge of the pool
  • Diving from side of the pool marked “No Diving”
  • Chewing gum or spitting
  • Eating or drinking in the water (picnicking is allowed at tables)
  • Glass containers of any kind
  • Leaving trash behind when leaving the pool area
  • Wrestling, pushing, or shoving
  • Use of profane language

Persons wishing to use pool toys such as kickboards, balls, rafts, etc. must obtain the permission of the Pool Manager or Lifeguard in advance.  The Pool Manager and Lifeguards have the responsibility and authority to determine when such activities are allowed and to disallow said activities at any time. Toys not designed for pool play are not allowed in the pool.  Playing is allowed in the grassy areas adjacent to the pool, under the authority of the Lifeguards.

A “break,” to clear one or both pools of any swimmers may be observed hourly at the discretion of the Pool Manager (Lifeguard) or at any other time at his/her discretion.

Diving Area. Only one person is permitted to be on the diving board at a time. Hanging on the diving board and/or excessive bouncing on the diving board are prohibited. Divers must ensure that the previous diver has cleared the diving area before diving. Diving towards the sides of the pool is prohibited. Divers should dive straight away from the board.

Wading Pool. No children over six years of age are allowed in the wading pool without permission of the Pool Manager or Lifeguard. Parents, adult guardians and/or adult guests are responsible for supervising their children at all times. Children may not be left unattended in the wading pool area. Lifeguards are not assigned to supervise or guard the wading pool. Parents, adult guardians and/or adult guests are responsible for such supervision and guarding. The wading pool is not available for use during swim meets.

Playground. the play/equipment area outside the fenced area of the pool, is NOT regulated by the Pool Manager/ Lifeguards. Rules specific to this area are posted in The Eagle and on the equipment itself. Parents have sole responsibility for their childrens’ behavior and safety on the playground. However, insofar as the behavior of any person on the playground carries over to the pool, the Lifeguards have authority to regulate that behavior at any time.

Vehicles and Parking. The 10 mph speed limit on Carson Cove Road and the HHYC parking lot shall be obeyed at all times. Cars shall only be parked in designated parking areas and not on grass surfaces.  Blocking the circle in front of the HHYC and/or Carson Cove Road is prohibited. Overnight parking at the HHYC is not permitted. Playing in the parking area is only allowed on the basketball court at the far end of the parking lot.

Bicycles. must be parked in designated areas/racks and are not allowed inside the pool area or on the tennis courts.

Pets. Pets are not allowed inside the HHYC, on the outside decks, in the pool area or on the tennis courts.

Telephone. A telephone is provided at the pool during the pool season. The telephone number is 410-956-9711.

Lost and Found/Personal Property. Personal items (e.g. pool furniture, toys, towels, etc.) brought to the pool shall be removed when departing the area. Lost and found items will be placed in either a large plastic container adjacent to the baby pool or in the Lifeguard/Pool Manager’s Office. Any items not claimed within 30 days may be disposed of. HHHOA assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to personal property.

Food/Beverages. All food and drinks are to be kept at the tables and chairs or grass areas surrounding the pool. Consumption of food or beverages in the bathhouse or pool is prohibited. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or large coolers of alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Glass containers are never permitted in the pool area.

Smoking. Smoking is not permitted in the bathhouse, restrooms, pool or on the pool deck. Smoking is only permitted in the grass areas off the concrete apron. Cigar and cigarette butts must be disposed of in a trash receptacle.

Other. Any contingency which might arise and is not included in these Rules is subject to the discretion of the Pool Manager and/or Pool Rep. These rules are subject to change. Any changes will be posted in the The Eagle and/or at the entrance to the pool.

[2015 Update]